Viscri, Romania – The Royal Retreat Of Prince Charles

On August 5th 2007, the Prince of Wales bought 2 properties in Viscri, Romania in order to encourage and sustain the tourism in the forsaken region but also to honour his Transylvanian origins.

This fortress is one of the oldest fortresses in Transylvania. It is located on a hill, hidden at first glance by the surrounding woods.

The most interesting feature of the village for the naked eye is the fact that Prince Charles bought a vacation home here, but this settlement is so much more. In the Saxon village located 30 km from Sighisoara, one can discover the oldest fortified church from Transylvania, dating from 1210, as well as a universe of silence, which seem detached from the 3rd millennium. On the way to the church, on the right hand side, houses numbered 44 and 38 are cozy guest-houses. They have around 15 beds, dining rooms and utilities a comfortable stay but in a rather medieval decoration. Guests will be delighted by the traditional Saxon architectural styles, the places reminding you of a village museum.


The food that locals prepare is traditional dishes, having for desert the blackberry jam, a delight for tourists visiting the area. The guesthouses have local crafts shops in the yard where you can buy products made in the village. For those who really want to feel the fresh air of the area, there are planned walks in the surrounding woods and hills in the area, visits to the black bread ovens, sheepfolds, tasting products traditional and even horse riding classes. For those that are athletic and brave enough, people even organize countryside activities such as mowing the grass or helping the blacksmiths, while lazier travelers can just enjoy a drive in the hay cart.
These types of activities definitely take visitors back in time, in the heart of Transylvania, with its old houses, medieval fortified churches and people which seem taken from stories. The Viscri village in Brasov county is one of the few villages in Romania on the UNESCO Heritage List. Back in 2007, when Prince Charles restored 2 houses from the 18th century, he saw that the Transylvanian village has a lot to offer.

Blackberry jam

His Majesty wanted to protect the unique lifestyle which continued for centuries trying also to promote and sustain tourism in the area. The buildings that were bought were sensitively restored in order to convert them into small resorts for tourists. They preserved the surrounding architecture and they feature as well a lot of Transylvanian antiques, modern facilities were built where it was possible. Besides the fact that the renovations of buildings helped everyone to provide a future the village it also enabled its residents to continue their traditional lifestyle.

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