The Hunches

Fernando de Noronha’s second name: Paradise 

Most travelers go to Brazil to experience the clubbing scene and the legendary beach parties. However for a truly soulful refuge with your loved one, avoid the touristy jaunts favored by the run of the mill backpackers and make your way towards something more esoteric.

Bahía de Caráquez, a welcoming eco-city for backpackers 

Backpackers rejoice. We here at Travel Hunch have picked another destination that is off the beaten path and while it will take extra determination to get there, we believe the effort would totally be worth it.

A romantic interlude in the Blue Lagoon 

With its dramatic coastline, sweeping volcanic islands, warm tropical breezes and powdery beaches, the Yasawas Islands in Fiji are the ultimate honeymoon getaway.

Live like royalty In Jaisalmer, Rajasthan 

Rajasthan, always conjures up images of swashbuckling royalty, dramatic folklore, magnificent castles and stark beauty. The land of the Maharajas and their extravagant opulence is still there to be witness in the palace hotels , which are exquisitely rendered emblems of wealth.

Usuki – A Hidden Gem In Japan 

Sometimes in life, it does us wonders to go on the unbeaten path and far away from the maddening crowd. The place where William Adams, the character in James Clavell's Shogun stepped first foot in Japan.

Luxury surfing in Biarritz 

Biarritz, a coastal town in France is fast emerging as the party place for the young and hip, who are bored with the Mediterranean and seeking new adventures.

Hallstatt – where history meets nature 

A town famous for its salt mines is not usually a hub for tourists, especially if it can be toured on foot in ten minutes. However, the charming Austrian town of Hallstatt is a Mecca for history buffs and those who revel in all the wonders nature has to offer.

Barra Grande – the gateway to the Maraú paradise 

One can consider Marau as the quintessence of Brasil unspoiled tourism. It is the best Bahia can offer to the picky traveler and a great spot to start exploring it is Barra Grande.

Head over to exotic Zanzibar this Christmas 

Any traveler worth his salt would be familiar with the exotic and unexplored charms of Zanzibar. They would either have or wish to step on the same sandy beaches where Freddie Mercury has spent his early childhood. If you haven't we are here to show you what you've missed.

How about a last minute Caribbean Christmas in Carriacou ? 

Sniff, sniff...smell that Travel Hunch readers? Yes my friends, Christmas is in the air and it won't be long before we all gleefully don our Santa hats, go on shameless shopping sprees and indulge in some much deserved celebration with family and friends.

Have a Caribbean Christmas in the Cayman Islands 

Do you dream of a White Christmas without freezing your - mmm - you know what?

Good old family bonding during Christmas on the Gold Coast 

Christmas Down Under means ditching the snow for the sand, surfing instead of snowing and sunbathing instead of freezing.